“BSI Learning is the contracted service provider delivering the Advance2Work (now Pathways2Employment) Program in the Townsville region since 2002. Consultants from BSI Learning provide the Advance2Work service to prisoners pre-release at Townsville Correctional Centre and Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre.

BSI Learning also delivers the Indigenous Mentoring Program in Townsville. The Indigenous Mentoring Program is an extension of the Advance2Work Program, whereby Indigenous participants receive more intense case management and mentoring.

BSI Learning have achieved good outcomes in all stages of the Advance2Work and the Indigenous Mentoring Program.”

Keiren BennettDirector, Offender Rehabilitation and Management Services Specialists Operations Queensland Corrective Services

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you for all of your support throughout the duration of the Diploma.


I am so incredibly grateful to have had the privilege of you as my facilitator. You were so informative, engaging and most of all you inspired me throughout our interactions. I really enjoyed listening to you speak and learning about your professional experiences.


Thank you for all of your dedication, support and flexibility. I feel fortunate to have had your support and I am incredibly grateful I was able to continue the diploma.


I really cannot thank you enough, Pam. I hope we cross paths in the future.

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Jasmine Bourke

“We would definitely recommend BSI Learning Institute as a learning partner.”

Lisa TetleyActing Manager Human Resources, Ku-Ring-Gai Municipal Council

“We are very pleased to provide this testimonial for BSI Learning. We have found BSI Learning to be very professional. They made sure they understood the Council vision and mission of striving towards the welfare of Aboriginal people. The Training Manager and trainers that were engaged to deliver training interacted very well and they also had a good understanding and respect for Aboriginal culture.

From the evaluations we have received from the participants and from my own observation, we would like to provide our views.

BSI Learning Trainers are very talented presenters who were able to guide a diverse group of participants with ease. They also provided personal attention to each and every participant that boosted their confidence and increased their comfort to actively participate in the training session.”

Padma BharadwajNSWALC Senior Training & Development Officer

“For me this has been the best training I have received in a very long time I have learnt a great deal in the last 6 months and will continue to learn. I really enjoyed Steve’s passion and enthusiasm. Keep doing what your doing Steve because it worked on me.” 

Greg SpeechleyGarmin

“This program takes leadership theory to a new level by creating a reflective, self-realising, insightful and inspiring journey. It is a wonderful balance between theory and practical application, enabling both professional and personal development. Our facilitator was truly inspiring! The way he engages the room and delivers the program with such enthusiasm, passion, insight and personal flare adds a real value to the course. I believe that it was through this that I was best able to understand the content and apply my new skills and knowledge both personally and professionally. He has helped me realise it is up to ME to be a better version of myself all the time. Thank you 🙂 ” 

Corrine-Leigh MarskellBoral

“The program has been extremely beneficial to me. Our facilitator is a very engaging presenter and can make all topics very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the emotional intelligence topic and the different strategies I now have to be more effective and influential.”

Mark ShuggLG

“We have no hesitation in recommending BSI Learning services to anyone, and consider their service to be one of our major points of referral.”

Nacmi LewinBA (Social Work) Case Manager Hope Foundation

“A journey of self-discovery which equipped me with the tools to be able to access self-awareness and better hone into my ability to be socially aware. The program also taught me how to better manage my interactions with those around me in order to achieve the behaviours I would like to see them exhibiting. Our facilitator was great. His energy has been infectious and he has truly been an inspiration to live the learnings from the course rather than just participating in an academic exercise.”

Vahini ChettyHolman Webb Lawyers

“I get up every time to make the most of opportunities for myself and those under my wings. What makes me most happy is when I read that I have touched someone’s inner self for the betterment of oneself. In particular prisoners who experience the limitations of their lives after leaving prison. If we can help them to turn around the ship and provide a little hope and some self-esteem, then, we have achieved the greater goal of our efforts that makes it all worthwhile and satisfactory for us and the work and effort we put into it.

Most prisoners are grateful for what we offer and do; they make good students and come to class for the right reasons. This is what fascinates and drives me. I have had 2 fantastic weeks at BWCC and was able to successfully pass 8 new students as competent baristas, some of them were truly outstanding!”

Mathew VerhoevenHospitality Trainer, Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre