Behavioural Profiling (DiSC)

With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users, DiSC remains one of the most trusted psychometric testing instruments in the industry. It is used worldwide in dozens of training and coaching applications, for organisational development and performance improvement. Designed to complement and supplement existing training programs, the DiSC profile can help improve communication, ease frustration, conflict, and develop effective leaders, managers and teams.

Participants can complete an online self-report psychometric prior to their training and receive a comprehensive individual profile to complement their understanding and training experience.

The DiSC Dimensions of Behaviour provides a non-judgmental language for exploring behavioural issues across four primary dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

The DiSC debriefing covers the following areas:

Introduction to DiSC

  • The history of the study of human behaviour
  • What are behavioural styles?
  • How perceptions shape the views of others
  • Recognising the impact of behavioural preferences
  • The importance of relationships

Understanding Behavioural Styles

  • DiSC – a basic model for interpreting human behaviour
  • Understanding your behavioural style
  • Working with your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding differences among colleagues and clients
  • How to deal with colleagues and clients more effectively
  • Treating people individually – adjusting your style
  • Building confidence and assertiveness

Understanding Others

  • Reading others – how to interpret the behavioural style of others
  • People reading in real time – DVD exercises
  • Increasing your influence
  • Using behaviours to build rapport
  • Understanding behavioural changes under stress
  • Recognising conflicts of style
  • Resolving conflict instead of blaming the person