FSK10119 Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways



This qualification is designed for individuals who require significant foundation skills support to access a vocational learning pathway.

The qualification is suitable for individuals who require:

  • a pathway to employment and further vocational training
  • reading, writing, oral communication, learning and numeracy skills primarily aligned to Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Level 1
  • entry level digital technology and employability skills.

Foundation Skills Training Package qualifications may not be listed as an entry requirement for vocational qualifications.


Successful completion of all units of competency will result in the award of a nationally recognised Certificate I in Access Vocational Pathways from the Foundation Skills Training Package. Participants who do not successfully complete the full program will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for any of the unit/s of competency they have been deemed competent in. Recognition is available for this qualification – see the Participant Handbook or the Recognition Process page for more information.


This training is subsidised by the NSW Government under Smart & Skilled (NSW residents only). For more information and eligibility requirements see https://www.bsilearning.edu.au/funded-training/smart-and-skilled.

Core Units

FSKLRG004 - Use short and simple strategies for work-related learning

1. Prepare to engage in learning.

2. Apply strategies for learning.

3. Review own learning progress.

Elective Units

FSKLRG002 - Identify strategies to respond to short and simple workplace problems

1. Identify short and simple problems affecting own work.

2. Propose problem solving strategies.

3. Review problem solving strategies.

FSKLRG005 - Use strategies to plan simple workplace tasks

1. Investigate simple workplace tasks.

2. Develop strategy for task completion.

3. Review plan.

FSKOCM001 - Participate in highly familiar spoken exchanges

1. Prepare to participate in highly familiar spoken exchange.

2. Engage in and review exchange.

FSKNUM003 - Use whole numbers and halves for work

1. Identify simple everyday numbers.

2. Use simple arithmetical processes.

3. Communicate simple everyday number information.

FSKNUM004 - Use basic and familiar metric measurements for work

1. Identify basic and familiar metric measurements.

2. Use simple measurement processes.

3. Communicate simple measurement information.

FSKNUM006 - Use simple and highly familiar spatial information for work

1. Identify simple and familiar spatial information.

2. Use simple spatial processes.

3. Communicate simple spatial information.

FSKRDG004 - Read and respond to short and simple workplace information

1. Prepare to read short and simple workplace text.

2. Interpret information in text.

3. Check and identify response to text.

FSKLRG003 - Use short and simple strategies for career planning

1. Plan for short and simple career strategies.

2. Prepare an individual learning plan.

3. Review plan.

FSKNUM001 - Use beginning whole number skills up to 100 for work

1. Identify simple and familiar whole numbers and money up to 100.

2. Use extremely simple processes with whole numbers and money.

3. Communicate extremely simple everyday number information.

FSKWTG001 - Complete personal details on extremely simple and short workplace forms

1. Prepare to complete extremely simple and short workplace form.

2. Complete form with structured support available.

3. Check complete form with structured support available.