SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality

Nationally Recognised Training


Core Units

SITXCCS015 - Enhance customer service experiences

1. Provide a quality service experience.

2. Proactively respond to difficult service situations.

3. Resolve customer complaints.

4. Develop customer relationships.

SITXCCS016 - Develop and manage quality customer service practices

1. Develop quality customer service practices.

2. Manage delivery of quality service.

3. Monitor and adjust customer service.

SITXCOM010 - Manage conflict

1. Identify conflict situations.

2. Resolve conflict.

3. Evaluate conflict resolution.

SITXFIN009 - Manage finances within a budget

1. Allocate budget resources.

2. Monitor financial activities against budget.

3. Identify and evaluate options for improved budget performance.

4. Complete financial and statistical reports.

SITXFIN010 - Prepare and monitor budgets

1. Prepare budget information.

2. Prepare budget.

3. Finalise budget.

4. Monitor and review budget.

SITXGLC002 - Identify and manage legal risks and comply with law

1. Identify legal risks and compliance needs.

2. Research information required for legal compliance.

3. Consider legal risk management strategies and actions for legal compliance.

4. Ensure management of legal risks and compliance with legal requirements.

5. Maintain personal and organisational knowledge of legal risk management strategies and compliance requirements.

SITXHRM008 - Roster staff

1. Develop staff rosters.

2. Present and communicate rosters.

3. Maintain rostering records.

4. Evaluate rosters.

SITXHRM009 - Lead and manage people

1. Model high standards of performance and behaviour.

2. Develop team commitment and cooperation.

3. Manage team performance.

SITXMGT004 - Monitor work operations

1. Monitor and improve workplace operations.

2. Plan and organise workflow.

3. Monitor and support team members.

4. Solve problems and make decisions.

SITXWHS007 - Implement and monitor work health and safety practices

1. Provide information on health, safety and security.

2. Monitor safe work practices.

3. Coordinate consultative arrangements for the management of health, safety and security issues.

4. Implement and monitor procedures for identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks.

5. Coordinate health, safety and security training.

6. Maintain health, safety and security records and reports.

SITXMGT005 - Establish and conduct business relationships

1. Build business relationships.

2. Conduct negotiations.

3. Make formal business agreements.

4. Foster and maintain business relationships.

Elective Units