BSB50120 Diploma of Business



The Program is delivered over 12 months using our blended model of delivery using a combination of face-to-face / workshops, on-line learning, and self-paced project based learning activities.

There are 12 face-face sessions, delivered one day each month, covering 12 units of competency.

Each session is followed by self-directed learning including readings, negotiated workplace activities and work related projects, simulations and or  scenarios to embed your learning.

Participants in the Diploma of Business have 12 months to complete.

The successful completion of all units leads to the issue of a BSB50120 Diploma of Business (Business Operations)

Successful completion of all units of competency will result in the award of a nationally recognised Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways from the Foundation Skills Training Package. Participants who do not successfully complete the full program will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for any of the unit/s of competency they have been deemed competent in. Recognition is available for this qualification – see the Participant Handbook or the Recognition Process page for more information.


This training is subsidised by the NSW Government under Smart & Skilled (NSW residents only). For more information and eligibility requirements see

Core Units

BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others

  • Assess individual and team critical and creative thinking skills
  • Establish an environment that encourages the application of critical and creative thinking
  • Monitor and improve thinking practices

BSBFIN501 Manage budgets and financial plans

  • Plan financial management approaches
  • Implement and monitor financial management plans
  • Review and evaluate financial management plans

BSBOPS501 Manage business resources

  • Analyse resource requirements
  • Develop resource plans
  • Allocate resources
  • Review and report on resource usage

BSBXCM501 Lead communication in the workplace

  • Establish communication protocols
  • Coordinate effective communication
  • Present and negotiate persuasively
  • Review communication practices

BSBSUS511 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

  • Prepare workplace sustainability policies
  • Implement workplace sustainability policies
  • Review implementation of workplace sustainability policies

Elective Units

BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans

  • Establish business plan
  • Implement business plan
  • Respond to performance data

BSBHRM525 Manage recruitment and onboarding

  • Develop recruitment and onboarding policies and procedures
  • Manage recruitment process
  • Manage staff onboarding

BSBOPS504 Manage business risk

  • Establish risk context
  • Identify risks
  • Analyse risks
  • Select and implement treatments

BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area

  • Establish a WHS management system in a work area
  • Establish and maintain effective and compliant consultative arrangements for managing WHS in a work area
  • Establish and maintain procedures for effectively identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks in work area
  • Evaluate and maintain a work area WHS management system (WHSMS)

BSBSTR603 Develop business continuity plans

  • Identify scope, key business areas and critical functions
  • Establish documents required to create business continuity plan
  • Create business continuity plan
  • Evaluate business continuity plan

BSBPMG430 Undertake project work

  • Establish risk context
  • Identify risks
  • Analyse risks
  • Select and implement treatments

BSBTWK503 Manage meetings

  • Prepare for meetings
  • Conduct meetings
  • Follow up meetings