CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations



Welcome to the exciting world of cleaning operations! If you’re ready to take your cleaning skills to the next level, the Certificate III in Cleaning Operations at BSI Learning is the perfect program for you.

This comprehensive course is designed to give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to excel in the cleaning industry. You’ll learn the latest cleaning techniques and strategies, as well as how to use the most cutting-edge cleaning equipment and technologies.

But this program isn’t just about learning how to clean better. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the cleaning industry as a whole, including the regulatory and safety requirements that you need to adhere to in order to provide top-quality service to your clients.

What’s more, this program is delivered by experienced instructors who are passionate about the cleaning industry. They’ll work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals and build the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

So whether you’re just starting out in the cleaning industry or looking to take your career to the next level, the Certificate III in Cleaning Operations at BSI Learning is the perfect program for you. Sign up today and get ready to make your mark in this exciting and dynamic field!


This qualification is for those who want to gain general industry skills and knowledge to provide high quality cleaning services in a range of industry contexts.  It reflects the role of cleaners operating in a range of general residential and commercial settings who may work alone or under supervision. It is also for those employed in the industry who are seeking to have their skills and knowledge recognised.


14 units of competency are required to complete the qualification consisting of 5 cores and 9 electives as shown below, delivered over 3-6 months (depending on learner experience and existing qualifications).  It is delivered using a combination of virtual classroom sessions, role plays/simulations, practical demonstrations, and self-directed learning (that may include readings, workplace activities, work related projects).


Learner Guides and Assessments are provided to all learners.


It is expected that applicants will have access to a workplace to complete their practical activities. Practical elements may also be undertaken using simulated activities.


Assessment includes written assessments (at the conclusion of each unit), completion of an on-job log book, and practical demonstrations / observations.


There are no entry requirements but it is expected that learners will be able to read, speak, comprehend and write English to a level required in the workplace.  This is screened during the enrolment process.


Successful completion of all units of competency will result in the award of a nationally recognised CPP30316 Certificate III in Cleaning from the Property Services Package. Participants who do not successfully complete the full program will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for any of the unit/s of competency they have been deemed competent in. Recognition is available for this qualification – see the Participant Handbook or the Recognition Process page for more information.


This training is subsidised by the NSW Government under Smart & Skilled (NSW residents only). For more information and eligibility requirements see https://www.bsilearning.edu.au/funded-training/smart-and-skilled.

Core Units

BSBOPS201 - Work effectively in business environments

1. Identify the business context

2. Work in a team

3. Develop effective work habits

BSBOPS304 - Deliver and monitor a service to customers

1. Identify customer needs

2. Deliver a service to customers

3. Evaluate customer service delivery

BSBWHS211 - Contribute to the health and safety of self and others

1. Operate safely in own work environment

2. Operate safely within requirements of own role

3. Participate in WHS consultative processes

BSBWHS332X - Apply infection prevention and control procedures to own work activities

1. Prepare to undertake work activities in a manner that supports infection prevention and control

2. Undertake work activities in a manner that supports infection prevention and control

3. Finalise work activities according to organisational infection prevention and control requirements

CPPCLO3100 - Maintain cleaning storage areas

1. Maintain safety and security of cleaning storage area

2. Monitor levels of cleaning supplies.

Elective Units

CPPCLO3101 - Clean carpeted floors

1. Prepare to clean carpets.

2. Clean carpets.

3. Complete work activities.

CPPCLO3102 - Clean hard floors

1. Prepare to clean hard floors.

2. Clean floor surface.

3. Complete work activities.

CPPCLO3103 - Clean and maintain amenities

1. Prepare to clean amenities.

2. Clean fittings and surfaces.

3. Replenish consumables.

4. Complete amenity cleaning.

CPPCLO3104 - Clean high-touch surfaces

1. Prepare to clean surfaces.

2. Clean fittings and surfaces.

3. Disinfect high-touch surface areas.

4. Complete work activities.

CPPCLO3105 - Clean glass surfaces

1. Plan and prepare to clean glass surfaces.

2. Clean glass.

3. Complete work activities.

CPPCLO3106 - Pressure wash and clean surfaces

1. Plan and prepare to clean using pressure washing.

2. Use pressure washing equipment and methods.

3. Complete work activities.

CPPCLO3111 - Clean rooms, furniture and fittings

1. Plan and prepare to clean room, furniture and fittings.

2. Clean room, furniture and fittings.

3. Place furniture, fittings and loose items and complete work activities.

CPPCLO3113 - Clean food-handling areas and equipment

1. Plan and prepare to clean food-handling areas

2. Clean and sanitise food-handling surfaces and equipment.

3. Complete work activities.

HLTINFCOV001 - Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures

1. Follow standard and additional precautions for infection prevention and control.

2. Identify infection hazards and assess risks.

3. Follow procedures for managing risks associated with specific hazards.