Client: Foodco

Franchisee Management Development Program


Foodco is a leading food and coffee franchise business retailer.  Through their three brands, Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue and Dreamy Donuts, they have more than 420 retail outlets throughout seven countries.  Foodco uses their proven systems and processes to ensure the business success of all of their franchisees.  These franchisees come from a wide range of industries and business experience.  Critical to the success of their franchise is the ability to manage the store and its people, as well as serving excellent food and coffee.


Foodco engaged BSI to identify and develop the key skills needed by franchisees opening their first store. Through a process of consultation and getting to know their business, brands and stores BSI prioritised the management skills necessary for success and to help them avoid the common mistakes many retail businesses face.


BSI developed customised face to face management workshops that were seamlessly integrated into the Foodco CORE induction and training programs.  Franchisees received a range of tools and management skills focusing on staff development and engagement.  They developed the skills they need to effectively drive change, deliver feedback, motivate their staff, build an effective team environment within their stores and of course manage relationships to build a positive, customer focussed culture.


The BSI programs have been well received by all participants and the application of the skills has driven the success of the individual stores. This has led to a fruitful Foodco and BSI partnership entering its eighth year.