“The facilitator engaged the audience in a manner which was captivating and maintained motivation within the group the entire time.”

LendleaseEmerging Leaders Program

“I think the way BSI Learning presents their courses; there are practical benefits to be gained by the participants for years to come.”

Dunstan de SouzaManaging Partner, Colin Bigges & Paisley

“I found the program to be an excellent balance of modern academic thinking and practical knowledge and tools in the area of leadership. The eight days were well structured and delivered in a manner which enabled maximum understanding and reflection. Great delivery by our facilitator. I don’t think the program would have had the same potency without the energy and talent he obviously possesses as a trainer / motivator / coach.” 

Benjamin GoodwinBoral

“The program for me was really worthwhile. I’ve taken away a lot of tools and strategies as well as key phrases. I feel that the program was well structured and had great content. I don’t think I would’ve taken so much away from it if our facilitator wasn’t such an energetic and enthusiastic trainer. I thought we had great report throughout the program which helped engage me more with the program and the people in the course.” 

Michelle Romeikert Health