BSI Learning (BSIL) is an approved provider of VET Student Loans and can offer the Commonwealth VET Student Loans scheme to eligible students for approved training through to 31st  December 2023. Students enrolled in the below qualifications can access VET Student Loans to pay their tuition fees provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Diploma of Business BSB50120
  • Diploma of Leadership Management BSB50420
  • Diploma of Project Management BSB50820


What is a VET Student Loan?

VET Student Loans is a loan from the Commonwealth Government, available to assist eligible students studying any of our Diploma level or higher courses to pay their tuition fees. You do not have to use a VET Student loan to pay your tuition fees.

You can choose to pay all your tuition fees, or you can use a VET Student loan for the total or partial amount of your tuition fees (eligibility criteria apply). From 1 January 2017, VET Student Loans commenced replacing the VET FEE‑HELP for all new students. The student loans program gives eligible students access to quality higher level VET qualifications, particularly those students who could not otherwise afford to pay upfront.

  • The loan remains as a personal debt obligation until it is repaid to the Commonwealth;
  • The loan may affect (by reducing) the person’s take-home (after-tax) wage or salary until the debt is repaid, and may affect the borrowing capacity of the person until the debt is repaid to the Commonwealth;
  • A VET Student Loan gives rise to a HELP debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid;
  • The completed Request for VET Student Loan eCAFform applies to a loan for the entire VET course of study, charged on a unit of study basis unless the student pays some of the tuition fees;
  • Census dates will apply to each VET units of study in which the person enrols, with the student taking out a loan for any tuition fees that remain unpaid at the end of each census date;
  • A student may cancel their enrolment by withdrawing from each VET unit of study on or before the census date; and in accordance with BSI Learning’s withdrawal processes.
  • Withdrawal will result in the student not incurring a VET Student Loan debt; and/or receiving a refund for any up-front tuition fee payments made on or before the census dates;
  • A student may wish to seek independent financial advice prior to applying for a VET Student Loan;
  • From 1stJuly 2017, the student will be required to confirm (in the Departments of Education and Training’s dedicated system) their continued engagement in the course of study.
  • The student’s ongoing access to a VET Student Loan is dependent upon the student demonstrating that they are still engaged in and progressing through their course with BSIL


In 2022, the VET Student Loan limit is $109,206 for most students. The FEE-HELP limit is a lifetime limit and is not reset or ‘topped up’ by any repayments that you make.


BSI Learning’s maximum loan amount and Course on offer from BSI Learning?

BSB50120 Diploma of Business $5,595
BSB5420 Diploma of Leadership Management $5,595
BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management $5,595


Is there a loan fee?

A 20% loan fee applies to VET Student Loans for full fee-paying/fee for service students. The loan fee does not count towards your FEE-HELP limit. You do not have to pay the loan fee upfront – it is reported by your provider and is added to your HELP debt at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Students who are enrolled in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma whose enrolment is subsidised by a state or territory government do not incur a loan fee.


What is a census date and when are they scheduled?

A census date is defined as: A date by which enrolment may be cancelled without incurring tuition fees for the course or a part of the course is a census day. The census date is the most important date for you to remember for each unit of study for your course. The census date is the last day you can submit your Request for VET Student Loan ECAF form and withdraw your enrolment in the course or part of the course without incurring the cost or VET Student Loan debt. Students will receive a refund of any tuition fees already paid for the course or part of the course if they withdraw on or prior to the census date. To view your census dates please go to our website and find the course you are enrolling in on the courses page.  The Census dates are published there. To withdraw your enrolment or to withdraw from VET Student Loans, you must complete and submit a BSI Learning Student Withdrawal Form. This is situated on our website on the resources page.


What is a VET unit of study and course of study?

A VET unit of study is one or more units of competency. VET units of study make up the course of study for the qualification. Each VET unit of study will be across a specified number of fee periods and each fee period will contain a census date.    


When do I start paying back the loan?

Your VET Student Loan debt becomes part of your accumulated HELP debt. The compulsory repayment threshold is adjusted each year. The compulsory repayment threshold for the 2022-2023 income year is $48,361 Repayment income is calculated from the amounts given on your income tax return for:

  • your taxable income;
  • reportable fringe benefits (reported on your payment summary);
  • total net investment loss (which includes net rental loss);
  • reportable super contributions; and
  • exempt foreign employment income amounts.

Repayments made through the Australian taxation system are called compulsory repayments and continue until you have repaid your whole debt.


How much will my repayments be?

The amount you repay each year is a percentage of your income. The percentage increases as your income increases, so the more you earn, the higher your repayment will be. The ATO will calculate your compulsory repayment for the year and include it on your income tax notice of assessment.

Vet Student Loans Repayment Calculator


Am I eligible for VET Student Loan with BSI Learning?

For eligibility requirements please refer to the 2022 VET Student Loans Information Booklet. Your eligibility will be assessed as part of the BSI Learning Course Application Form.  Eligibility evidence and supporting documents must be presented to BSI Learning with your application. A VET Student Loan will not be approved by BSI Learning for any students who do not meet eligibility requirements.


How do I apply for a VET Student Loan?

To apply for a VET Student Loan with BSI Learning, please complete the electronic Course Application on our courses page, alternatively download and print a hard copy, downloadable from our Website on our resources page and send to our VETSL enrolment team at, BSI Learning Level 7 Martin Place, Sydney CBD NSW 2000 To apply for a VET Student Loan, you must complete the Request for a VET Student Loan eCAF by the census date.

A student must first enrol into the qualification and BSI Learning will then give the Department your enrolment information, including the nearest applicable census date, through the electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) system. The student will then receive an email from the department allowing them to sign into the eCAF system. Students must verify the information and complete the mandatory fields before submitting the form. Students under the age of 18 applying for VET Student Loans must have returned to BSI Learning a completed parental consent form signed by a responsible parent or guardian before their data can be enrolled into the eCAF system for the student. The VET Student Loans scheme has a cooling-off period of two business days between when the student enrols in a course and when they can submit their eCAF for that course. The waiting period is two business days after enrolment. Retrospective access to VET Student Loans is not allowed under any circumstances. Further information on applying for a VET Student Loan is available at or


Where to after my Course Application Form?

If your Course Application Form is approved by the BSI Learning RTO Manager, and you have successfully enrolled, a two business day cooling off period applies before you can apply for a VET Student Loan. Students under the age of 18 will require their parent or guardian to sign a Request for VET Student LoanECAF form to apply for VET Student Loans. On successful completion of the VET Student Loans enrolment process, you will be issued with a welcome letter and a unique student identifier number. BSI Learning will also issue you with your VET Student Loan Fee Notice, no less than 14 days before the census date. This is so you know exactly how much debt you have before the census date so you can have enough time to withdraw from the course before the census date, should you want to, without incurring a VET Student Loans After each census date you will also receive a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) for each unit of study with a census date within 28 days of the relevant census date. The Commonwealth Assistance Notice is a statement, not an invoice or a request for payment and includes important information about your enrolment. This will confirm your debt you have incurred or student contribution amounts you have paid, and any loan fee you may have incurred.  Students will receive communication electronically via their personal email address provided to BSI Learning upon enrolment into the course.    


Does BSI Learning have Tuition Assurance?

As an approved provider under the VET Student Loans Act 2016, BSI Learning Institute Pty Limited (trading as BSI Learning) has an approved (interim) exemption in place for Tuition Assurance.  BSIL’s Statement of Tuition Assurance for VETSL can be found in the Student Resources section of our website via the link below.

BSI Learning Statement of Tuition Assurance for VETSL 


Where can I find more information on VET Student Loans?

The following information is important for individuals enrolling in vocational education and training (VET) and wish to access a VET Student Loan: Further information on applying for a VET Student Loan is available at or