Chief Learning officer/ Director

Scott Henderson is a registered psychologist, with a solid background as an educator. His expertise includes areas such as leadership, teams, group dynamics, communication, body language, persuasion techniques, stress, and workplace satisfaction.


Scott has worked as a lecturer in psychology, behavioural science and research at the Universities of Sydney and Western Sydney.  Lecturing for six years at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, his expertise includes such areas as leadership, teams and group dynamics, communication and body language, persuasion techniques, stress, and workplace satisfaction.


Since 1999, his work in the corporate sector has spanned the spectrum from industrial psychologist to coach and corporate trainer.  In 2004 he became a certified Master Coach in Behavioural Coaching and he continues to coach both individuals and teams at all levels within the companies with which he works.  Scott is also an accredited DiSC and LSI trainer.


His unique perspective of inter- and intra-personal understanding compliments the delivery of his training programs and ensures a rigorous and scientific approach to each participant’s growth and development.  He has delivered training throughout Australia and New Zealand including courses in Customer Service, Communication, Leadership and Management, Performance Management, Coaching, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness, Business Development and Sales, Time Management, Life Balance, Managing Change and Professional Presentation Skills.  Scott has a reputation of being a lively and entertaining speaker and he continues to work hard to dispel the stereotype that psychologists actually get people to lie down on couches!