FBP30121 Certificate III in Food Processing



Successful completion of all units of competency will result in the award of a nationally recognised Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways from the Foundation Skills Training Package. Participants who do not successfully complete the full program will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for any of the unit/s of competency they have been deemed competent in. Recognition is available for this qualification – see the Participant Handbook or the Recognition Process page for more information.


This training is subsidised by the NSW Government under Smart & Skilled (NSW residents only). For more information and eligibility requirements see https://www.bsilearning.edu.au/funded-training/smart-and-skilled.

Core Units

FBPFSY3003 - Monitor the implementation of food safety and quality programs

1. Ensure others in the work area are able to meet food safety and quality requirements.

2. Monitor compliance of food safety and quality standards in the work area.

3. Take corrective action in response to food safety and quality non-compliance.

4. Improve food safety and quality in the work area.

FBPFSY3004 - Participate in traceability activities

1. Prepare for traceability or recall activity.

2. Work with others to track product details.

3. Work with team to identify flaws and improvements.

FBPOPR3019 - Operate and monitor interrelated processes in a production or packaging system

1. Prepare the production or packaging system for operation.

2. Operate and monitor the system.

3. Hand over system operation.

4. Shut down the production or packaging system.

FBPOPR3021 - Apply good manufacturing practice requirements in food processing

1. Identify GMP as a regulatory concept.

2. Identify requirements of GMP related to own work.

3. Ensure personal hygiene and conduct meet GMP requirements.

4. Apply GMP requirements when carrying out work activities.

5. Participate in improving GMP.

FBPWHS3001 - Contribute to work health and safety processes

1. Plan and conduct work safely.

2. Support safe work practices in work area.

3. Contribute to health and safety processes.

4. Contribute to hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control activities.

5. Participate in the control of emergency situations.

6. Maintain and use health and safety records.

Elective Units