Client: Trident Services Australia

BSI Learning Partners with STS Training and Trident Services Australia to deliver a Job Ready course with real employment outcomes.


With retail spaces opening back up and QLD communities growing rapidly, there has been an increased need to employ cleaning and security staff across the state in many shopping precincts.


Within a highly delicate and volatile environment, BSI Learning had two very important tasks – build their clients’ self esteem and sourcing them enjoyable training. Clients’ self-esteem was linked to their mindset, and BSI Learning successfully developed their clients’ self-direction, optimism and self-acceptance. Understanding their clients also helped them identify the ideal training which would improve their chances of employment, and educate them regarding subsidies and solutions relevant to their needs.

Partnering with STS Training and Trident Services Australia, a growing number of motivated jobseekers have found the opportunity to upskill with BSI Learning as part of a 6-week Job Ready program geared towards strengthening their foundation and employability skills with the prospect of an employment outcome at the end of the training period.

The primary objective of this pre-employment short skillset is to thoroughly prepare job candidates for their role at Trident Services Australia, with the skills to quickly adapt to Trident’s workplace. The course design includes accredited training, tailored to the standard operating protocols and values of Trident’s business. It also focussed on industry standards for these roles and covered skills and knowledge required to be able to perform the tasks and duties needed by the employer.

Congratulations to all course participants!


Over a 12-month period, BSI Learning changed the lives of approximately a dozen women who either completed and/or continued their study arrangements.



“[At the start] I could see everyone was nervous and not motivated about the program and didn’t know what to expect. I greeted them professionally and also gave them a run through of the program for 20 minutes. After that everyone in the classroom was so motivated and worked really well in the team. They all came to the classroom on time, and once they completed the program and received a job offer at Trident, I could see their tears of joy and a sense of accomplishment. They couldn’t believe it! As a trainer I feel so happy seeing their motivation and gaining employment after this program,” said the trainer.

The course participants had great feedback:

“My fellow students are great at bouncing ideas off each other, doing role plays for scenarios which will help in future. The training has been very enjoyable thanks to our trainer with his sense of humour and passion for his job.”

“The trainer was very helpful on day one as he explained how the course was going to run. On Friday, he summed up all of the coursework and took us to see the worksite where we were going to start working, and explained everything very clearly and precisely, making sure it was easy to understand.”

“I couldn’t have been happier when the trainer told us we’d be starting work next week, after completing induction today. He’s been a super patient and wonderful teacher, who has taken heaps of care to ensure that everyone is comfortable, caught up, and understanding our work and getting through.”

“The role play for emergency evacuation made it clear what to do in the event of a fire, and practicing it adds that level of confidence that we are doing it correctly.”
“Entering tasks and issues into the BA365 website was helpful so that any problem we encounter during the training can be resolved then rather than needing to resolve it while on the job.”
“It was helpful to have a very good trainer and we also met two of the management officials who gave us great insight into the structure and policies and procedures that Trident are known for!”