Case Study - BSI Learning Case Managers change the mindset and lives of women who previously thought there was no way out of their dangerous lifestyle

Client - Hope Foundation

Organisational Need

The Hope Foundation supports women who are seeking a life change from addictions and/or the sex industry. These women are highly disadvantaged and most importantly required a safe, discrete and confidential environment in order to:

  • develop skills
  • locate new employment opportunities
  • build their self-esteem and
  • gain access to services or assistance

Desired Outcomes

A safe exit (highly discrete and confidential) for those wanting to leave the sex industry. Due to the nature of the industry, the safe exit is key to the success of the program.


Within a highly delicate and volatile environment, BSI Learning had two very important tasks - build their clients' self esteem and sourcing them enjoyable training. Clients' self-esteem was linked to their mindset, and BSI Learning successfully developed their clients' self-direction, optimism and self-acceptance. Understanding their clients also helped them identify the ideal training which would improve their chances of employment, and educate them regarding subsidies and solutions relevant to their needs.


Over a 12-month period, BSI Learning changed the lives of approximately a dozen women who either completed and/or continued their study arrangements.


  • "The program has been extremely beneficial to me. Our facilitator is a very engaging presenter and can make all topics very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the emotional intelligence topic and the different strategies I now have to be more effective and influential."

    Mark Shugg LG
  • "A journey of self-discovery which equipped me with the tools to be able to access self-awareness and better hone into my ability to be socially aware. The program also taught me how to better manage my interactions with those around me in order to achieve the behaviours I would like to see them exhibiting. Our facilitator was great. His energy has been infectious and he has truly been an inspiration to live the learnings from the course rather than just participating in an academic exercise."

    Vahini Chetty Holman Webb Lawyers

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