BSI Learning finds the missing link to leadership and professional development


On 26 February 2015, BSI Learning will deliver their first High Performance Mindset at Work course and will change the way leadership training will be delivered in Australia. Training has traditionally focused on developing a person’s skill set so they are competent to undertake their tasks at work. Over the last half a century, psychology has been increasingly used to understand personality traits and recognizing natural behavioural styles to help leaders and teams work more effectively with each other. The game changing approach, resulting from research undertaken by the Bernard Group, is to enhance a person’s performance by developing their mindset.


General Manager Kala Philip discusses trends in organisational development, “Many workplaces are being restructured, resulting in staff losing their jobs and not being replaced. Consequently we are experiencing a growing trend of clients (HR, L&D and OD managers) who are being pressured by their executive to deliver more innovation, more productivity and more engagement levels with fewer people. These demands are increasing stress levels in the workplace. And we all know that stress is never conducive to productivity, innovation and engagement.”

Kala continues, “At BSI learning we have been fortunate enough to have highly qualified psychologists and adult learning specialists working together to deliver programs affecting change. Corporate leadership programs and RTO qualifications aside, we have worked in the public sector with prisoners and sex workers to change their lives. A difficult, yet not impossible task, when the right framework is in place. When we learnt about the research and findings related to the High Performance Mindset, it supported what we were doing in the public sector and provided us with a platform to further enhance our deliverables and more importantly, provide our clients with a competitive edge.”

The Bernard Group coined the High Performance Mindset after their research identified three commitments (success, self and others) and five behavioural strengths (self management/resilience, confidence/optimism, persistence/motivation, organisation, getting along/collaboration) high performance leaders possess.  The benefits an organization will enjoy by developing high performance mindsets in their leaders and in the workplace include:

  • Higher productivity – profitability, engagement and innovation
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Increased job satisfaction and a more positive approach
  • Achievement of organisational objectives
  • Reduction of personal obstacles to high work performance


BSI Learning has adopted the High Performance Mindset at Work program to enhance all of the learning and development solutions they will deliver to their clients. The program requires individuals to address their stressors or blockers of a high performance mindset (feeling angry, feeling worried, feeling down and procrastination) before focusing on building their commitments and behavioural strengths.

Kala concludes, “Our experience with our own programs (the prisoners and sex workers) as well as the research and case studies from the high performance mindset programs confirms we have found the ‘missing link’ in learning and development. By creating more resilient, motivated, committed and confident teams, who can not only perform but also thrive under pressure, we will help our clients and their employees achieve better results and deal with changes at work, and their personal life with more success and ease.”




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