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BSI Learning was established to create change in your people, performance and productivity. Like many providers, our blended learning approach delivers relevant and relatable content, to increase rates of transference and skill acquisition.

Where we differ is in our formula for affecting our participants.

"I am not a teacher, but an awakener." - Robert Frost

We have awoken both the ‘toughest crowds’ imaginable, as well as the most professional, which has resulted in:

  • changing the attitudes and culture of prisoners to keep them out of jail
  • educating sex workers and drug addicts to get out of their destructive and dangerous life
  • assisting growth in corporations like Big W, Canon, Neverfail Springwater


Our ability to change highly sensitive and resistant audiences of diverse natures/backgrounds/attitudes puts us in good stead to work with any type of organisation. Our goal for all our clients is to create inspired and effective leaders, motivated teams and individuals and more productive organisations and communities.


  • BSI Learning has been my partner and right hand in developing the management skills and teamwork of my key people from managers and team leaders to complete business units. 

    I believe their help over the last four years has been critical to our success and growth.

    Steve Keim CEO, Neverfail Springwater
  • I would highly recommend BSI Learning as a “productive” consultancy, where results from their efforts can be seen, measured and justified.

    John Howard National Sales Manager IS, Canon Australia
  • As you know Big W has a strong commitment to the training and development of its people. We are convinced that our competitive edge and ongoing success will only be sustained by ensuring that we have capable leaders who can develop and grow effective teams…..with this in mind we were seeking a learning activity which would go further than traditional training programs and provide our people with a series of challenges that would offer them personal and professional growth. The Rustic Challenge program, which you developed for us, achieved that and more. It was an excellent program in all respects and one that we will continue to support.

    Judy Howard General Manager People Group, Big W

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